These are the Verses of the Book; a Quran that makes things clear.

A modest attempt to reveal glory of this book
through technology and present it to the audience of 21st century.

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Who Am I

I am a technology enthusiast who is obsessed with the content, style, and rhetorics of the Quran

I am Abdul-Baqi. I have a Ph.D. in Artificial `Intelligence specializing in text mining. My thesis title was "Annotation of conceptual co-reference and text Mining the Qur'an"

Computational Linguistics

Tools in AI and Machine Learning (ML) can be employed to investigate the style and linguistics of the Quran. I have studied the similarity structure of the Quran and annotated the pronoun references in the Quran. I have also created ML models to check the distinguishing features of Meccan and Medinan verses. Check my published articles.


I believe observing the modern world with the lenses of the Quran is a subject that is not picked up by many scholars. By ‘modern world’ I mean whatever the contemporary Western civilization has produced and under which influence the majority of today’s mankind is governed. I like blogging about this topic a lot. Check my blog.

Web-Development Frameworks

I try to catch up with the latest trends in Web Development Frameworks. I have created microsites and applications using Python's Flask as well as Angular and React. I am gradually building my skills at the MongoDB, Express, React and Node (MERN) full-stack. Once I built many applications on visualizing the Quranic data in PHP, which I intend in future to recreate them in React.

Data Science

I have done many data explorations in Python, R, and even Linux. I like creating visualizations and building interactive dashboards. I have created interactive dashboards using Tableau. I have also used JavaScript libraries like Chart.js and D3.js to create visualizations. I have run Machine Learning expriments in Weka during my PhD research, and now I use mainly Python libraries for Machine Learning.

Some Projects

Here are some of the Apps and Projects I have been working on lately.

Most of these projects are simple in nature and comes with tutorial type documentation to follow along. There are a number of data exploration projects (mostly in Python ), others are visualization projects mostly using Javascript packages and frameworks. Also you will find small web applications (mostly in React ) and MERN stack.

Chapter Information

This simple app displays a list of Quranic chapters. When the user clicks on a chapter, a card will appear holding some useful information about that chapter. This app illustrates the integration between Reat and Redux to create hassle-free state management. Test the app here .

Search English Translation

This App connects with the Sahih English translation of the Quran through an API and provides a user input to search the English text. The returned verses are arranged in Semantic UI cards. This App illustrates fundamentals of React in creating interactivity. See the tutorial here which gives the link to the actual App.

Quranic Root Words II

This is a tutorial on using Pandas package of Python to play with the Quranic Arabic Corpus dataset and particularly investigate the root words of the Quran. You will see how easily we can answer questions like: "What are the unique root words in Meccan chapters?" Read the tutorial here.

Quranic Root Words I

With few handy - but powerful- linux commands we can cover a great distance of text analytics tasks. I have placed few of such commands into test and investigated the root words of the Quran. You will appreciate the power of cut, sed, grep, uniq and sort, and feel like standing on the shoulder of giants. Read the tutorial here.

Random Verse

Here is a simple python implementation of connecting to a Quran API and bringing displaying random verses. Nothing fancy but is helpful for the starters to feel comfortable with python way to deal with JSON data and use the random package of python. See the tutorial here which links to the code through an embedded window.

Table of Contents

This is rendering of Table of Contents of the Quran implemented in Angular . Users can responsively toggle between Meccan and Medinan chapters. A detailed tutorial is also available to build this app from scratch. I think Angular is loosing the battle against React but I wanted to try it and hencing it here.

Unique Root words

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I love to be in touch with you and chat about ideas on building apps around data and text analytics of the Quran.

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